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Business Strategy


Focus on Larger Railway OHE Projects

The company has decided to lay stress on larger Railway Electrification projects but with continued focus on the small and mid sized ones. The company has decided to adopt this strategy keeping in view the country’s over dependence on imported petroleum products for its transport fuels. If this has to be corrected, the government and the private sector have to develop and expand the electrified transport routes, especially the Railways.

Focus of Power Transmission Lines

The management has decided to gradually enter into the power transmission infrastructure business. This would require the company to get work of the Power Grid Corporation and other entities in the National Power Grid net work. This sector also has a vast growth potential as a large part of the country is still not served by electric power and also keeping in view the vast power generation capacities which are coming up through out the length and breadth of the country.

Improve Execution Capabilities

The company has decided to enhance its execution capabilities so that it can handle more projects of various sizes and parameters simultaneously. Keeping this strategy in mind the company is making all out efforts to improve the project execution infrastructure at both its units.


 The Company has started export of food products like maize, onions, oil cakes and other commodities to Bangladesh. The promoters of the Company are highly experienced in the line of business and have been exporting for more than 20 years.

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